Molecule GC overhead limit, java heap space or OutOfMemory errors

Document created by Terese_Baker Employee on Apr 28, 2014
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Processes fail with GC overhead limit error, java heap space error or OutOfMemory errors on a molecule or cloud
Please refer to the following list (in order of importance):
1. Increase the maximum memory available to the molecule or cloud. Please refer to the following Reference Guide link
2. Increase RAM to the machine(s) hosting the nodes or reconfigure the VMs. If necessary, adjust the maximum memory (as above).
3. If the maximum memory needs to be increased above 1GB, you should upgrade molecule architecture to a 64-bit OS and adjust the maximum memory (as in the first item).
4. Add nodes to the molecule or cloud architecture.
5. Batch data in smaller amounts, spread out execution schedule to allow the processes to run more efficiently.
6. Consider enabling and utilizing SOA workers and Low Latency Mode for Web Services, please contact Dell Boomi Support for further guidance.