Warning: com.boomi.jetty.JettyLogger warn javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: no cipher suites in common

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These warnings could occur if clients are making these requests with either a different SSL protocol than what the atom web server is using, but they are more likely they are due to a specific SSL certificate mismatch between what is configured in AtomSphere or the atom and what is configured on the client side.  
Review the container logs for specific SSL handshake warnings or errors around the same time.  
Review the http shared server log for error codes with corresponding timestamps or requesting client side IP addresses that correspond to container log entries
Review the web service listener process to ensure it is configured and deployed to the atom correctly
Review the atom shared web server settings in Atom Management to ensure intended SSL certificates are configured correctly
Review the client application configuration from which the request is being made to ensure SSL certificates are configured correctly