Embedded message: com.boomi.model.profile.db.DBStatement.getDBFields()Lcom/boomi/model/profile/db/DBFields

Document created by anton_serbanescu Employee on Jun 11, 2014
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Have a new process.

Have a new atom.
Pulled down the db connector.

But the process fails with:

Embedded message: com.boomi.model.profile.db.DBStatement.getDBFields()Lcom/boomi/model/profile/db/DBFields;
1. Make sure the latest jdbc driver is installed in <atom_installation>/lib and <atom_installation>/userlib.
2. stop the atom
    - delete <atom-home>/work/connector-database*
    - delete <atom-home/connector/database
    - start atom
3. Run the process, it should download the latest DB connector updates