Unable to load connector - error extracting archive file

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     Note: There are several articles regarding this error message, each has a different root cause.

     Occasionally, after a connector update, the zip files associated with a connector may become corrupt.  This could be due to network outage as the atom/molecule downloads the files from the platform, or it could be a network issue within the molecule/file server when the atom tries to access the connector files and install them into the work directory.

     You may see errors in your container log:
     Failed loading connector <connector> com.boomi.connector.ConnectorException: Unable to load connector, error extracting archive file to: <file share>/work/connector/<connector>-<version>-car.zip.tmp

     Here are the suggested steps to resolve this issue.

     Shutdown the atom/molecule

     Move the offending connector file from the <atom_install>/work/connector folder.  We suggest saving it temporarily in /tmp for example.

     Restart the atom, or the head node of your molecule, and check the container logs for the error during startup.

     If the error is resolved, you may start the remaining nodes of the molecule.

     Otherwise, stop the atom again, and move the connector file from both the work/connector directory, as well as from the <atom_install>/connector directory.

     When you start the atom now, it should re-download the connector from the platform into the connector directory, and then copy it into the work/connector directory.

     Check the container logs again, and restart the remaining nodes of your molecule