Unable to upload file: Unable to load data, data store id: XXX does not exist

Document created by Nikita_nandakumar on Aug 22, 2014
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The following error may occur when attempted to view inbound documents for an execution that has run on Atom Cloud ( Dell Boomi ) :
     "Unable to upload file: Unable to load data, data store id: 2014.08.07_973517334 does not exist."

This error is due to the purge settings on the Atom Cloud.The error indicates that it is unable to download documents for an execution that ran on 8/07/2014 as it is no longer available.

The Atom cloud has a purge cycle of 14 days. You cannot increase the number of days.If you need to keep data longer than 14 days, you can use a locally installed Atom and control the purge cycle. Another option is Archiving Data on Connectors.Boomi will not be able to retrieve documents that were lost due to purging.

On a local Atom longer purge cycles can be used in conjunction with Archiving.Please be advised that regardless of the purge setting, executions will be displayed in Process Reporting for 30 days. In other words, even if you have your purge set to 60 days, you will still only be able to see 30 days worth of logging and data through the Process Reporting UI. (If you set this to a number greater than 30 days, after 30 days has passed the high-level information about the Process executions will be purged from the Processing Reporting page. You will have to look for the logs and data files in the Local Atom installation directory.)
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