Error while connecting to Peachtree.: com4j.ExecutionException: com4j.ComException: 80010105 QueryInterface failed : The server threw an exception. : com4j.cpp:163

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When a process fails with the following error while connecting to Peachtree :

"80010105 QueryInterface failed : The server threw an exception"
1) Please make sure if the prerequisites for implementing a connection to Sage 50 / Peachtree  have been followed per the guidance in the link below :

2) Please check if the application bit size matches with the atom bit size.Since Peachtree/Sage accounting application is 32-bit,the atom on which it is running on should also be 32 bit.This is due to the COM technology being used for integrating with Peachtree/Sage.In other words, For integration with Peachtree/Sage only 32-bit atoms should be used.

3) Try rebooting the machine/server hosting both the Peachtree and the atom.This may help to re-establish connection to Peachtree.

Please follow the steps in the order listed below :

a) In Windows Services make sure the atom's Startup Type is MANUAL ....NOT AUTOMATIC. This is important.
b) Reboot machine
c) Launch Sage/Peachtree application manually by double clicking the icon. Enter the login credentials manually.
d) Launch the Desktop atom
e) Run the Boomi process

4) Check to see if there had been any changes on the server installed with Peachtree.There might be logs available for Peachtree on the server.Also try re-installing the Peachtree application and then run the atom as desktop.