Unable to connect to a Sharepoint Webservice

Document created by mike_c_frazier Employee on Apr 3, 2013
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Connecting to a Sharepoint Webservice using NTLM with the Web Service SOAP client connector fails with one or more of the following errors:
“Unable to browse connector”
“Unable to read WSDL from URL”
“Error locating component for WSDL”
“Server returned HTTP response code: 401 for URL”
If the SharePoint server requires NTLM as the authentication protocol, it will not work with the Boomi web service SOAP Client connector as it is not able to authenticate via NTLM, and therefore it is not possible to connect to Sharepoint https URL requiring NTLM. First, find out if the SharePoint IIS server can be configured to expose an external api that supports Basic Authentication instead. Then try configuring the Web Service SOAP client connector with Basic Authentication to connect to the SharePoint server.

If the Sharepoint IIS server cannot be configured to support Basic Auth, then another possible option is to develop a custom.Net wrapper web service outside of Boomi to expose an internet based API that supports HTTPs and Basic Authentication. This externally developed web service would then accept the request from the web service SOAP client connector and then interface with the SharePoint web service.

Note: Since Sharepoint Forms Based Authentication also requires NTLM, the guidance above also applies to Forms based authentication.  Refer to:

UPDATE: Some capabilities may be possible for connecting to Sharepoint using the OData Connector.  Refer to the OData connector documentation in our reference guide and related KB articles for Sharepoint and the OData connector.