Windows can not complete the extract of an file

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When trying to open the AS2Artifacts log zip file which includes MDNRequestLogs or RequestLogs download from Atom Management or from the work/as2/ folder, you get an error stating that windows can not complete the extraction because the destination path is too long:


This problem occurs if you try to extract the archive to a path in Windows that exceeds the file system limitation on character path which is 256 chars.


The filenames in the AS2 artifacts do not exceed file system limits, but the total path length limit is subject to user configuration preferences since the atom can be installed at any arbitrary path.


Therefore, the desired folder to extract the files may not work if the entire path length is too long.


Even though the archive contains long paths (up to 212 chars), it is still possible to extract the archive to a folder such as C:\Temp on windows (anything less than 44 chars) and be able to then extract the files.


Therefore, to work around this limitation, select a folder closer to the root of the drive like C:\Temp when extracting the archive.