What to check when atoms are offline?

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Here are some troubleshooting tips recommended to follow when an atom goes offline or when an atom offline alert is received :


  • Please check https://status.boomi.com/ to see if there is an incident reported during the time when the issue occurred.
  • For Dell Boomi Test and Production Atom Clouds, Please open a case with Boomi Support and attach with some of the email alerts that you received per atom.
  • For locally installed atoms, check the container logs for missing entries,missed schedules, increasing failure attempts or errors.
  • Check with the IT network team for info related to network outages and server maintenance.
  • If the atom uses a proxy, check the proxy server for issues.
  • Check server logs, firewalls, whitelisted IP address ranges etc.
  • Ping platform from atom servers.
  • Telnet to platform via 443 from atom servers.
  • Check DNS servers.
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