Could not create socket Caused by: access denied (

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Attempting to connect to MSSQL and receiving the following error:


Error retrieving db data: Network error IOException:Could not create socket; Caused by: access denied (


What needs to be configured ?

This error may be because the local atom/cloud does not have access to the local network resource like a database. Check, verify and make the following changes and see if it helps:


- Edit the “<atom>/bin/procrunner.policy” file


- Go to the last “grant” section in the file, starts with “grant {“


- Between the open and close {} in that section add something which looks like:


o permission "<host>:<ports>", "connect,resolve";


o The <host> part should be replaced with the relevant computer host name


o The <ports> part can be replaced with a single port (e.g. 1414) or a port range (e.g. 1414-1450)


- You do _not_ need to restart the cloud for these changes to take affect. They will immediately apply to any newly executed processes.


This applies to any local network resource, not just databases. This will grant access to _any_ process running in this cloud (not account specific).