Process fails with error: "Component does not exist:"

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Process executes successfully on Production and on development, but on Stage it fails with


"Component does not exist:"


And the component id cannot be found manually.


What needs to be checked or done ?

The component or component id : aaaaa123-4aa4-4cc4-bbaa-ba1234512345
should exist for the process that is attempted to be executed.


It is possible the component does not exist on the process directory or folder for that process.


If the process that fails is opened in the Build tab:
then double click on the first set properties shape,
then click on the pencil to open the process property,
you should end up with this :


Process Property:<MyFailingProcessProperty>


in a new tab.


Then if you click on the revision history :


you should end up with this:


Component ID:


You can try to just hit save. If that does not save the component file under the 'failing' process directory, then you will need to go and locate the process directory,




and copy the component.xml from the one of the working processes to the failing process directory.
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