Non-Existent process running on a schedule

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In the Process Reporting Tab, you see a process executing that does not show as deployed to the atom, you can't locate in the Build Tab by name, and you can't locate it in the atom management tab to view/stop the schedule.
This sometimes occurs when a process is deleted without detaching it from the atom/environment that the process is deployed to prior to deletion.  In this scenario, clicking on the gear icon in the process reporting tab, and selecting "view Process" will bring up the deleted process.  If you save the process, and then attach it to the Atom/Environment associated with the atom where the phantom process is executing, you should then be able to stop the schedule for the process in the Atom Management tab.  Once you have confirmed that the process is no longer executing, you can detach the process, and if necessary, delete it from the build tab.
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