Error setting up FTP or SFTP connection: Connection reset

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You receive the following error when attempting to connect to an FTP or SFTP server:


Connection reset (com.boomi.connector.ConnectorException) Caused by: Connection reset ((



Here are some things to check:

  1. Is the error occurring intermittently or consistently? To determine this, expand the Process Reporting view over a period of time to observe the executions over time.
  2. If the error is consistently occurring every time, the error will most likely be resolved by whitelisting the IP addresses. For example, if running on the Atom Cloud or Test Atom Cloud, whitelist the Boomi IP addresses listed here: Hostnames and IP addresses for connecting with Dell Boomi. If running on a local atom, molecule or cloud, whitelist the IP addresses for the local atom, molecule or cloud. Ensure the FTP or SFTP server address is also accessible from the atom machines.
  3. If the error is intermittently occurring, the error is most likely due to a performance issue or network issue. Here are some things to check:
    • Analyze the amount and frequency of FTP/SFTP calls being made.
    • Is the error occurring when multiple calls are being made in a given time?
    • Can the FTP/SFTP server handle that load.
    • Is the atom server able to handle that many connections at a given time?
    • Are the files being get or sent from/to the FTP/SFTP server very large in size?
    • Are there many files being get/sent?
    • Are there many files in the folder on the FTP/SFTP requiring too much time for a get to parse the contents of the many files in the folder?
    • Does the error occur on a very simple process that simply does a get or send on a frequent schedule?
    • Connection reset errors may require analysis at the process level by the process developer for performance issues and/or may require analysis at the server level by a network admin.
  4. Verify connectivity to the FTP server using a third party FTP client utility such as FileZilla from the Atom server or each node server if using a Molecule/Atom Cloud cluster. If there are errors, collect the log files to provide to the Dell Boomi support team through a case.
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