Error illegal key size

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The Trading Partner is able to make an AS2 connection, however, no documents are being processed and the following error is seen in the container log: Illegal key size  This also has been seen when transferring files via FTP.

The solution for this problem is to update the JCE policy files for the affected atom.

1) Download the necessary files from the following URL:

2) Follow the below Atom Configuration steps as necessary:

Atom Configuration

If your trading partner is unable to open your AS2 message file or if you are unable to receive documents correctly, you might need to update the Java security jars on the Atom's server.

  • Locate the jre/lib/security directory on Java instance that the Atom is using.
    • If you are unsure which Java instance your atom is using, browse to the <atom_installation_directory>\.install4j directory and view either the pref_jre.cfg or inst_jre.cfg file.  If the pref_jre.cfg file exists, it takes precedence.  If it does not exist, view just the inst_jre.cfg file.  Here is an example Location for reference: C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_31\lib\security)
  • Remove the following jar files from this directory
    • Local_policy.jar
    • US_Export_policy.jar
  • Replace with the jar files included in the JCE Policy file download from step 1
  • Stop and restart the Atom

3) Ask your Trading Partner to send an AS2 message in order to verify that the changes remedied the situation.