access denied ( /opt/data read)

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Running a process from su-account testaccount-XYZ123 against the atom or cloud on the master account, and get a access denied error: access denied ( /opt/boomi/local/accounts/testaccount-XYZ123/data read)


Linux cluster
directories are owned by boomi user and have 777 permissions on all subdirectories.


Still getting the error.


What needs to be done to fix the error ?
The exception is a restriction enforced by the java security policies, not the filesystem. If this is running on a private cloud, then the java security policies need to be customized.


See the following topic and it's subtopics:


In this particular case, there was a missing entry in one of the private policy files..


Compared the procrunner-CUSTOM.policy on all private clouds and it was in-fact missing an entry.