Failed acquiring exclusive properties lock for processid.lck file (Access is denied)

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Multiple process failures, both deployed and Test mode executions, are seen and a bouncing the nodes of the molecule resolves them temporarily (for a few minutes). It is also observed that these executions are majorly executed on one of the nodes.


The error message would be similar to this:
com.boomi.execution.ExecutionException: Failed acquiring exclusive properties lock for <Atom_Installation_Folder>\execution\processid.lck; Caused by: Failed acquiring exclusive properties lock for <Atom_Installation_Folder>\execution\processid.lck; Caused by: <Atom_Installation_Folder>\execution\processid.lck; (Access is denied)

Also, the full Stack Trace would contain a FileNotFoundException to this .lck file stating the reason as ‘Access is denied’
When a process is configured to not allow simultaneous executions, the corresponding processid.lck file in the <Atom_Installation>/execution folder is required for the execution to go ahead.


The issue here is that the OS services user which the Atom node is running on does not have access to this file. This issue can be isolated and resolved by


1. Verifying if it is possible to manually access the lock file.
2. Making sure that the user running the Atom node has sufficient permissions to access this file.