Last synchronous message was an error, waiting 2 seconds

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Last synchronous message was an error, waiting 2 seconds alerts occur right after the atom attempts to send a message across the network. When attempting to sent the message, it tries to invoke a java class, but is not able to access the fileshare in order to invoke that java library. This is indicating there is a network issue. The atom will continue to attempt to send this message repeatedly which is why you are seeing the repeated message "Last synchronous message was an error, waiting 2 seconds" and then it tries again.

The issue gets resolved once the atom server is rebooted which fixes the network connectivity issues and then allows the atom node to access the file it needs on the fileshare.

If this issue occurs again repeatedly, you will need to restart the atom cloud servers immediately to fix the issues and also we recommend that you have a network administrator analyze why there are intermittent network connectivity issues between the nodes and the fileshare (most important), between the nodes and other nodes, and between the nodes and other servers that it needs to reach to perform its tasks and integration processes. The cloud depends on stable network connectivity at all times to perform its tasks. The fileshare also needs to be robust enough to handle the demand of the services running the cloud. It will need to be able to support the I/O demand. I/O wait state is another system level metric to monitor to see if I/O related tasks are getting queued up at the server level and waiting too long before getting executed.