How to test for SSLv3 support for atom communication?

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The '' errors are caused by different SSL protocols being used for atom communication.You would need to ensure that TLS protocol is being used for all communications with Boomi since SSLv3 is disabled due to Poodle vulnerability.


Help link :

You may also need to install the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files. Please note SSLv3 is considered unsafe for Java 8 and is being disabled in Java as of build 31.

You could use the following openssl commands to check for SSLv3 vs TLS support:

openssl s_client -connect "<host>:<port>” -tls1_2 openssl s_client -connect "<host>:<port>” -tls1_1 openssl s_client -connect "<host>:<port>” -tls1 openssl s_client -connect "<host>:<port>” -ssl3


openssl s_client -connect -ssl3

OpenSSL for Linux:


OpenSSL for Windows:

There is another tool called nmap that might also help:

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