Will an Atom start and run indefinitely without an internet connection?

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     A customer who is planning to have a disaster recovery Atom in a completely isolated environment without internet connectivity and wondering if the Atom will still run to execute their on-premise integrations. They understand no process info would be reported back to the platform nor is there a local Atom UI to effectively view recent history.

     It is common knowledge that the Atom will continue to run if the connection is severed; this is by design and a frequently stated selling point.

     So my questions/confirmations are:
     1. Can a local Atom run indefinitely (days, weeks) without internet connectivity?
     2. Can a local Atom be started without internet connection? I thought there was an account validation check or something that would shut down the Atom if the account was inactive--but maybe that only triggers if it's able to connect and explicitly determine the account is inactive vs. just can't connect.

     An atom will start and run without being able to contact the platform. It will continue to run and execute scheduled processes.

     The atom can start/run without "internet connectivity" so long as that solely means, if this a clustered atom (molecule or cloud), no WAN. Cluster nodes need to communicate with each other so there must be a local network available.

     To run an isolated atom in a disaster recovery scenario you'll need to attach all the processes that must be run to the atom and they will need to be scheduled otherwise you'll have no way of starting them.

     There is no account activation check on startup. The only check the atom does on startup that could possibly cause a problem is when it looks for updates. The atom enters a special mode where it only allows update tasks to run. This would only occur if the atom was started and a message was already waiting on disk. Typically a failed update or atom crash which caused the message to be received but not processed. Removing the message and restarting the atom would resolve that.

     There is no explicit account verification. However, there is a special response code which can be returned to the message download request informing the atom that the account is no longer valid. this will cause the atom to write an error to the container log and immediately exit. Again, though, none of these requests would block startup.

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