My atom did not restart after a release and was waiting for processes to complete

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Your atom did not restart because it was waiting for process(es) to complete. The Atom container log contains entries similar to below:


MM DD, YYYY hh:mm:ss INFO [com.boomi.container.core.BaseContainer purgeAndLogRunningExecutions] Waiting for the following processes to complete:
MM DD, YYYY hh:mm:ss INFO [com.boomi.container.core.BaseContainer purgeAndLogRunningExecutions] Process: Process Name [Account: Account ID, Execution execution-id] Source: TYPE started at YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss


When applying updates, the Atom will wait for all currently executing processes to complete before restarting. However you can force it to restart sooner and terminate current executions by settings the "The Force Restart After X Minutes" property in Manage > Atom Management > select Atom > Settings & Configuration > Properties > Basic.



If you do not want the atom to wait for processes to complete after an atom restart, you can change the setting of the Force Restart After X Minutes property on the Atom Management page per the documentation at this link: Account Properties panel.
If you do not want the release to interrupt your process executions, and you want to control when your releases happen, you can apply release control, which is typically available two weeks prior to a release, during your own planned downtime.


This is described at this link: Release Control 


For more details about what happens during updates and restarts, see Understanding Atom Runtime Pausing During Restarts and Updates.
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