Cloud Management Attachment Quota for SOA Workers

Document created by mike_aronson Employee on Mar 24, 2014
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 For Cloud Management, in the Attachment Quotas tab, for the number of SOA Workers quota,
is it possible to maintain a lesser value in the private atom cloud and maintain a higher value in the customer's atom(which is attached to the private atom cloud)?

More specifically, is there any rule that account specific should always be lesser than the private atom cloud's value?
Quotas can either be applied:
at the cloud level (also known as default values or global values)
at the account attachment level.

It is possible to set the cloud quota to one level and set it to another level for a specific account.
Account attachment specific values are completely independent of the global default values.
There is no rule that account specific values should always be less than the cloud value.

To set the account value In cloud quota management, click on the account name to set the quota values for that attachment.
(by default it will show in gray text, but this field is editable).

Please keep in mind that if you make the value higher for a specific account, you will want to consider overall impacts to the cloud.

Raising the limits anywhere can result in the atom using up resources more quickly, but this may not become apparent (i.e. may not affect other accounts) until the atom reaches its physical resource limits.