Will a Try/Catch placed before a subprocess call catch an error in the sub process and allow the parent process to continue?

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If a try Catch is placed in the parent process before a sub process call, will the try catch catch the sub  process error and allow the parent process to continue?
Yes. This approach can be often used when you want to have a process continue to run if a connector call returns a process-level error.

The Try/Catch step only catches document-level error however most connector-related problems are raised as process-level errors. By placing the connector call (or any other steps that may result in process-level errors) in a subprocess, the Process Call step can return it as a document-level error assuming one important configuration:

IMPORTANT: On the Process Call step in the calling process, be sure to UNCHECK the option "Abort if process fails". If this is checked, the process-level error will essentially be "re-thrown" in the calling process and therefore bypass the Try/Catch step.