How to Remove a Terminated Employee from an Account?

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An individual is no longer employed by your organization, and you want to ensure that the individual does not access your account or accounts
If you remove the individuals access to specific accounts, and groups, it will eliminate the individuals ability to access your account.
Support receives requests to delete users on a regular basis for this type of situation.  We cannot delete the individuals account, nor will changing the individuals password prevent them from attempting to logging into the platform, as they can simply click the Forgot Password and get a new password.
To remove the individuals access to your account, go to the setup tab by clicking on the account name next to the Privacy button, going to Setup, then selecting User Management, and removing the email associated with the individuals login. This will prevent them from accessing the account. When they attempt to login they will receive the following message: "You are not enrolled in any active accounts".

Please see this documentation for additional information: