Where should the JCE policy files be downloaded and installed in a VM Cloud?

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Have one windows server which is host to a VM Cloud. The VM Cloud is made up of two nodes.


Have JRE installed on the host server. And the VM Cloud has access to the JRE folder.


Where should the JCE policy files be placed in order to be able to successfully encrypt and decrypt files ?
Please check and verify the following installation directory on the VM:


<atom_install>\<Atom_name>\.install4j for the following files :


(1) inst_cfg
(2) pref_cfg


pref_cfg will take precedence.


Make sure that the directory points to a correct jre path, not JDK, and that both or all nodes have access to that directory.


Download and install JCE policy files on that JRE folder, under the security directory.


Otherwise, each node will need to have its own JRE installed as well as a copy of the JCE policy files.