Why am I experiencing a delay in seeing execution documents in Process Reporting?

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You are experiencing a delay in the time it takes for documents to show up in Process Reporting after executions complete.


Depending on the atom's Purge settings, after an execution completes, metadata about the documents that were processed in the execution are made available to the platform in Process Reporting.

The atom sends this metadata about the documents to the platform so that they can be made available in Process Reporting and then the documents can be viewed.  In general, it may take a few minutes after an execution completes for these documents to be made available.  When the option to view document(s) is selected, the platform connects to the atom to get the document(s) (no data is stored in our platform).   Note that if a document is very large, it may take time for it to get downloaded.

We have observed over time that some users have occasionally experienced a delay between when an execution has completed and when the metadata about the document appears in Process Reporting.   There could be multiple reasons for it to take longer than usual - for examples, a slower network connection between the atom and our platform, a very large volume of documents resulting in an increase in metadata messages, unexpected increases in executions resulting in a very large amount of metadata, etc....

Dell Boomi is continually monitoring trends and making system improvements on an on-going basis to anticipate and handle growth.  We have a dedicated team actively looking at ways to reduce the amount of time between execution completion and document availability and keep delays to an absolute minimum.

Since there are multiple factors involved with cloud based operations and network layers, there may be occasional longer delays, but they should be very few and far between.  In general, it may take a few minutes after an execution completes for these documents to be made available. However, if you experience a consistent delay between the time that an execution completes and the time that the documents are available for viewing that you deem as unacceptable performance, please open a Support Case and provide the following information:

1. the account id where the issue is occurring
2. when the delay issue started occurring in the account and if the issue is still occurring
3. at least one example execution id where the delay was experienced
4. the amount of time it took between when the execution completed and when the document was made available in Process Reporting
5: the expected amount of time it normally takes or should have taken for the documents to be made available

The Boomi Support team will review the case and help investigate the delay issue in your account: