What is the best practice for configuring the Boomi SAP Connector to get records from SAP?

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When getting account or invoice records from SAP. what is the typical approach followed and how is it implemented in Boomi?
Scheduled batch or real time?
The SAP Connector can be configured to query SAP records using a BAPI or RFM or it can be configured to listen for outbound records (IDOCs) from SAP to get updated records in real-time.


If real-time is not required, the SAP connector can be configured to execute a BAPI or RFM to query records from SAP and can be scheduled like any other process.  One should consider how long it will take for the process to run (on average, or worst case) and adjust the schedule accordlingly, especially if simultaneous executions can not occur for the process.


if you want to receive updates in real-time from SAP, then you can configure the SAP connector to listen for IDOCs if that can be set up on the SAP side.  There's a "Listener Settings" tab on the SAP Connector as described at this help document link.  It supports receiving IDOCs in real-time from SAP.  The IDOCs will need to be configured in SAP to be sent to the Boomi atom.  The SAP Connector will need to be configured on the start shape in a deployed process to that atom. 


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