Common HL7 Message Types

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Users interested in exploring the HL7 feature of AtomSphere, and who are looking for more information or sample messages associated with some of them might find this article helpful


Note: The original reference for the sample messages from this KB article is:
They are anonymised messages and are not related to any specific person or organization.
As many are familiar, HL7 or Health Level 7 is a globally recognized standard that provides a framework for the exchange of clinical data between healthcare interfaces. AtomSphere currently supports HL7 version 2.x and all the message types associated with them. Though there are over a hundred types of HL7 messages used in various instances, there are 4 categories classified as the 'primary' message types based on the popularity.


A simple reference for all message types as described by can be found at this link:


1. Patient Administration or an ADT: HL7 ADT messages carry patient demographic information for HL7 communications but also provide important information about trigger events (such as patient admit, discharge, transfer, registration, etc.). Some of the most important segments in the ADT message are the PID (Patient Identification) segment, the PV1 (Patient Visit) segment, and occasionally the IN1 (Insurance) segment. ADT messages are extremely common in HL7 processing and are among the most widely used of all message types.


A sample message:


PID||0493575^^^2^ID 1|454721||DOE^JOHN^^^^|DOE^JOHN^^^^|19480203|M||B|254 MYSTREET AVE^^MYTOWN^OH^44123^USA||(216)123-4567|||M|NON|400003403~1129086|
PV1||O|168 ~219~C~PMA^^^^^^^^^||||277^ALLEN MYLASTNAME^BONNIE^^^^|||||||||| ||2688684|||||||||||||||||||||||||199912271408||||||002376853


2. Pharmacy/Treatment Order Message or ORM: The HL7 ORM-O01 message functions as a general order message that is used to transmit information about an order. There is only one type of ORM message – the ORM-O01 message. Trigger events for the ORM-O01 message involve changes to an order such as new orders, cancellations, information updates, discontinuation, etc. ORM messages are among the most widely used message types in the HL7 standard.


A sample message:


PID|1||135769||MOUSE^MICKEY^||19281118|M|||123 Main St.^^Lake Buena Vista^FL^32830||(407)939-1289^^^|||||1719|99999999||||||||||||||||||||


3. Unsolicited transmission of an observation message or an ORU: The HL7 ORU-R01 message transmits observations and results from the producing system/filler i.e. LIS, EKG system) to the ordering system/placer (i.e. HIS, physician office application). It may also be used to transmit result data from the producing system to a medical record archival system, or to another system not part of the original order process. ORU messages are also sometimes used to register or link to clinical trials, or for medical reporting purposes for drugs and devices.


A sample message:


PID|1|12345|12345^^^MIE&1.2.840.114398.1.100&ISO^MR||MOUSE^MINNIE^S||19240101|F|||123 MOUSEHOLE LN^^FORT WAYNE^IN^46808|||||||||||||||||||
OBR|1||12376|cbc^CBC|R||20120410160227|||22^GOOF^GOOFY|||Fasting: No|201204101625||71^DUCK^DONALD||||||201204101630|||F||^^^^^R|||||||||||||||||85025|
OBX|1|NM|wbc^Wbc^Local^6690-2^Wbc^LN||7.0|/nl|3.8-11.0||||F|||20120410160227|lab|12^XYZ LAB|
OBX|2|NM|neutros^Neutros^Local^770-8^Neutros^LN||68|%|40-82||||F|||20120410160227|lab|12^XYZ LAB|
OBX|3|NM|lymphs^Lymphs^Local^736-9^Lymphs^LN||20|%|11-47||||F|||20120410160227|lab|12^XYZ LAB|
OBX|4|NM|monos^Monos^Local^5905-5^Monos^LN||16|%|4-15|H|||F|||20120410160227|lab|12^XYZ LAB|


4. Detail financial transactions or a DFT : The DFT message describes a financial transaction that is sent to a billing system and is used for patient accounting purposes. This message might include things like ancillary charges or patient deposits, and is sent between the DSS/Order Filler and the Charge Processor. The DSS/Order Filler would then verify that the procedure had been completed.


A sample message:


PID|1|12345|12345^^^MIE&1.2.840.114398.1.100&ISO^MR||MOUSE^MICKEY^S||19281118|M|||123 Main St.^^Lake Buena Vista^FL^3283|||||||||||||||||||
FT1|1|1133||20150325000000||CG|99244|Consultation-Level 4||1|0.000000|||||^^^^OFFICE^^^^Office||BILLING|B69^Cysticercosis^I10~B60.0^Babesiosis^I10|123^Physician^Dr|||1133|1^Adams^Douglas|99244|
PR1|1|CPT|99244|Consultation-Level 4|20150325000000|||||||123^Physician^Dr|B69^Cysticercosis^I10~B60.0^Babesiosis^I10|
FT1|2|1133||20150325000000||CG|71020|Chest Xray, PA and Lateral||1|0.000000|||||^^^^OFFICE^^^^Office||BILLING|B69^Cysticercosis^I10~B60.0^Babesiosis^I10|123^Physician^Dr|||1133|1^Adams^Douglas|71020|
PR1|2|CPT|71020|Chest Xray, PA and Lateral|20150325000000|||||||123^Physician^Dr|||B69^Cysticercosis^I10~B60.0^Babesiosis^I10|