"Force Restart" - How to implement force restart?

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This article is about some detailed understanding on force restart and what and how it affects atom restart.
Notes on Force Atom Restart:
Your Atom will not restart itself while integration processes are running. Instead it waits for the processes to finish. It does not start any more processes while it waits. If a process that takes hours to complete is running, the Atom will have to wait a long time before it can restart. You can specify the number of minutes that AtomSphere will wait before it forces the Atom to restart. Any processes that are currently running will be aborted. However, it will not abort processes that are currently running in a Molecule or Atom Cloud that uses forked execution.
It is recommended that owners of private Atom Clouds set this property to 2–3 minutes. Forcing a restart on your Cloud stops the few processes that are running, which is better than making all of the other processes on the Cloud wait until those few processes complete.


An integer less than or equal to 0 disables forced restarts.


Set "Force Restart After x Minutes:" in Atom Properties to a value > your longest running process. Repeat for each environment.


The longer/Higher value that you set the Force Restart time, the longer everything the atom waits before successfully restarting. For example, once the restart command is sent, the Atom will stop executing new processes. Since it is trying to restart, it will only complete executions that are in progress. Nothing new will run until the Force Restart After X Minutes has been reached.


If this value is set, when a restart command is sent to the Atom, it will wait the amount of time specified for any processes to complete gracefully. Once that time limit has been reached, it will force a hard restart of the Atom. If you set this value to 5 minutes, then the Atom will only wait for 5 minutes for a process to compete before shutting down.
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