Map is not pulling data from Doc Cache as expected

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Created a document cache in my process, use the document cache in an Add to Cache shape.  Added a Document Cache to an inbound profile in my map, but data is not being pulled from the cache.
There are at least two things that can cause this issue.
1.  The document cache referenced in the map is not the same component as the document cache used in the Add to Cache shape.  (Confirm by opening the document cache in the Add to Cache step, then open the cache in the inbound profile, to ensure that they open on the same tab on the build canvas.)
2.  Inbound identifier does not match cache identifiers.  (If the inbound record to the map has white spaces, blanks, non-printable characters embedded or leading/trailing as part of the index identifier value, and the cached document index identifier value does not, or visa versa, the match will not occur)
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