Test Environment Classification and Licenses

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Environments created with a Test classification will require test connection licenses.
The classification of environment determines the type of licenses used in the environment.


Please note the following regarding Test Environments and Test Connection Licenses:
  • Test environments can have only test Atom Clouds attached to them.
  • The classification can be set only when you add an environment. You cannot change it after the environment is created.
  • Test connection licenses and the Dell Boomi Test Atom Cloud should be not be used for performance testing or benchmarking.
  • Test connections will not generate any email alerts about deployed process executions or about the status of the Atoms on which they are executing.
  • Test connections are able to receive RSS feeds.
  • The Event object in the API can be used to query notifications.
If you have created an environment with a Test classification and do not have any test connection licenses allocated to your account, please contact your Dell Boomi representative or Account Manager. If you attempt to deploy a process to a test environment without sufficient test connection licenses available you will receive a "Deployment rejected" error.