My Case has been closed due to the fact that the issue is related to a Defect or Enhancement. What do I do next?

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How do I determine when the defect is corrected or when the Enhancement will be implemented?  What do I do if the work-around becomes ineffective?


You have options in regard to determining the defect or enhancement status:

  1. Check the list of Resolved Issues in the Release notes archive. Search for the defect ID in the release notes.
  2. For defects, visit Known Issues within the Community and search for the defect ID. See Known Issues Overview and Stage Definitions.
  3. For enhancements, visit Ideas for Boomi within the community. See Ideas for Boomi Overview and Stage Definitions.
  4. Contact Support requesting an update on the status of the defect or enhancement, and supply the defect or enhancement number. The defect or enhancement number should have been provided in the case and looks like BOOMI-XXXX.