What is the difference between char(13) and char(10)?

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Scenario where the customer is trying to integrate address data from their eCommerce database into Salesforce contacts. The address data has a  street1 and a street2 and would like to combine this with a char(10) into one field and import it into Salesforce.
char(13) is carriage return and char(10) is line feed.


Carriage Return character –0x0D, \r ,
Line Feed character – 0x0A, \n


Different operating systems have a different way of understanding new line.Linux understands ‘\n’ as new line character where as windows needs both the characters together to interpret as new line, which is ‘\r\n'.


In order to merge street1 and street2 into one target field, you could use a String Concat function with delimiter as any character string  followed by 'search and replace' the character string with the line feed character in a data process shape.



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