Understanding the HTTP Shared Server Log

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The HTTP Shared Server logs capture all inbound HTTP requests to the Atom's shared web server. This information can be used to troubleshoot web service requests that do not spawn executions and obtain information about the clients making calls to your published web services.


Viewing the Log

Similar to the Atom's container log, there will be a log file per day containing all requests received for that day (assuming the Atom was running and received at least one request). For a clustered Molecule or Atom Cloud there will be a separate log file for each node.


  • From the AtomSphere UI:
  • From the local runtime directory:
    • Log directory: ../<atom_install_root>/logs/
    • File name for Atoms: <yyyy_MM_dd>.shared_http_server.log
    • File name for Molecules and Atom Clouds: <yyyy_MM_dd>.shared_http_server.<node_IP_address>.log


The HTTP shared server logs are purged according to the runtime's purge schedule.


Log Structure and Columns

Log entries contain one request per line. Columns are delimited by spaces. Values that may contains spaces are qualified with double quotes. Omitted values are represented by a "-".


Example: - testuser@myaccount-ABC123 [01/Aug/2016:00:23:17 +0000] "POST /ws/rest/v1/myapi/customers HTTP/1.1" 200 33562 "-" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; MS Web Services Client Protocol 4.0.30319.18063)" "4339bfdc-968e-4438-81ef-6124e2a0d404" "execution-fdee86b6-e5ea-4055-bdd7-f8e4ce1563e2-2016.08.01" 7906


Client IP/Host10.254.254.111
(Separator - no value)-
Web Services User Nametestuser@myaccount-ABC123
Request Timestamp[01/Aug/2016:00:23:17 +0000]
HTTP ResourcePOST /ws/rest/v1/myapi/customers HTTP/1.1
HTTP Status Code200
Response Content Length (in bytes)33562
User AgentMozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; MS Web Services Client Protocol 4.0.30319.18063)
Process Component ID4339bfdc-968e-4438-81ef-6124e2a0d404
Execution IDexecution-fdee86b6-e5ea-4055-bdd7-f8e4ce1563e2-2016.08.01
Response Time (in milliseconds)7906



  • If there are errors invoking the requested process, Execution ID may not be available.
  • WSDL retrieval requests for SOAP endpoints will not include a Process Component ID or Execution ID.
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