How to merge Add-Update documents from Find Changes

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You need to build a process that allows you to group the Adds and Updates into a single document after a Find Changes component.
One option would be to name the documents/files the same, pass them to a Disk connector and append them.


A better option would be to put the Find Changes step in a sub-process (Data Passthrough) and connect the Add and Update paths to the same Return Documents step, to return the documents to the "main" process. Then do a Data Process/Combine in the main process after the subprocess call.


Due to the fact that the Return Documents step behavior is to will wait for all paths to finish before returning the documents, having the Add & Update paths connect to the same Return Docs step, will cause the two documents to be returned together in the same document group, so they will both be passed to your combine docs step at the same time.


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