Why am I receiving this character, " " in my input data?

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Why am I receiving an error indicating that the inbound data does not match Data Type, or that there is an error parsing the data, because the data contains this character, " � ".  What is this character, and why am I receiving it?
The replacement character �, a black diamond with a white question mark, is a symbol found in the Unicode standard at codepoint U+FFFD in the Specials table. It is used to replace an unknown or unrepresentable character, or indicate problems when a system is not able to render a stream of data to a correct symbol. It is most commonly seen when a font does not contain a character, but is also seen when the data is invalid and does not match any character.


The first thing to do is to review the inbound data at the source to see if there are non-printable characters embedded in the data.
the next step would be to ensure that the File Encoding value is set to the appropriate value, based on your needs.

Default character encoding for data processed by the Atom, Molecule or Atom Cloud. Common values:

  • UTF-8 — default under Linux OS

  • windows-1252 — default under Windows OS.