How to build a REST request URL?

Document created by Rabia_Sozkesen Employee on Nov 25, 2015
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For testing purposes, you may need to make calls to your API in Boomi. Here is how the request URL should look like:

For example, you have the below base URL's:

A. "/"
B. "/test"
C. "/test/account"

If below rest request URL's were hit, the following would occur at runtime
 --> "/" would match A.
 --> "/test" would match B.
 --> "/test/something" would match B.
 --> "/test/account" would match C.
 --> "/test/account/otherthing" would match C.
 --> "/other/path" would match A. (this can be surprising during testing.  it does not result in a 404).  basically, if you have a webservice deployed with "/" as the base url, it will match any url path which doesn't match another webservice base url path.