How to Run a Process Using cURL

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You would like to start one of your processes from a script using cURL.

First, review the REST-ish section of our documentation on the subject

Then, craft an XML file containing the information you need to run your process. The two key pieces of information you need are the process name and the atom ID. The file can be as simple as one line. Here is an example:

  <ProcessExecutionRequest processName="Test Process" atomId="6e282349-5952-4f21-8966-859f6d515503" xmlns="" />

Save that XML to a file. In this example, it has been saved to foo.xml. Now, use cURL to POST that file to the appropriate URL. You will need to replace <username> and <account id> with their actual values.

   curl -u <username> -d @foo.xml<account id>/executeProcess

If successful, the server will return a 200 code.