How to generate a nested query expression to be used in a RESTish AtomSphere API call

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Client needs to query against a nested expression with a RESTish API.

     To generate the <QueryFilter> part of the request

     1. set up a soap query in atomsphere with nested conditions
     2. setup charles proxy to capture the request going out to our platform
     3. copy the QueryFilter expression
     4. paste it in the RESTish query xml

     Example of a nested RESTish query:

     <QueryConfig xmlns="">
     <expression xmlns:xsi="" operator="and" xsi:type="GroupingExpression">
     <nestedExpression operator="EQUALS" property="processId" xsi:type="SimpleExpression">
     <nestedExpression operator="LESS_THAN" property="executionTime" xsi:type="SimpleExpression">

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