Nested Connector Call Exception

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Nested connector call returned more than 1 document.



The error is occurring because a Connector Call in the process is expecting only one result from the query, but more than one are being returned. This error most often occurs in a Decision or Map Function when a Connector Call is being used. Connector Calls in Decisions and Map Functions expect only one record to be returned. A Connector Call being made mid-process can return many records.


Either of the following two options will resolve this problem:
  1. Make your query criteria more specific. For example, if you are querying account information by a contact name, but that name exists in two separate accounts, two records will be returned. If this is contact is not duplicated across two accounts, add additional criteria to narrow down your search criteria to only retrieve one record.
  2. Remove any duplicate data from your application. Using the example in the first option, if a contact exists in two different accounts, but it should only be associated with one of them, delete the contact from the account so only the correct account will be returned during the Connector Call query.
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