Null Pointer error in RAC Scan connector operation

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Attempting to setup Oracel connector/operation for Oracle 11g RAC Scan and receiving errors.
The syntax for the RAC Scan URL should look like this:


Actually, just copy the tnsentries from your tnsnames.ora

Or if your DBAs have set up OID, the best way to set your thin connect URL is with the following syntax:

jdbc:oracle:thin:@ldap://<OID server name>:<OID port>/<DB SID or Service Name>,cn=OracleContext,dc=<yourdomain>

So in this case, if "oid" were the DNS-resolvable name of the OID server at your company, and it used port 5000, it would be:


you can use scan ip in oracle 11g r2 instead of your nodes ip:
  testi=(DESCRIPTION = 
 (ADDRESS= (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = scan-ip-or-name)(PORT = 1521))
 (FAILOVER = on)
 (SERVICE_NAME = testi)
) )