Unable to submit test cases to boomi assure

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Selecting an execution from Process reporting, selecting the inbound document, and clicking on the Re-run documents in Test Mode.
After test execution completes, Click the Submit Test button, receive the Reminder
By clicking "Send Data" you are transmitting your test data for storage at Dell Boomi's data center. Please DO NOT INCLUDE ANY SENSITIVE, PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION.

Click Send Data

See pop-up indicating Connecting to Atom then the following error is displayed:

An error occured while attempting to submit test: Unable to upload file: File tmp\regression-nnnnnnnnn-nnnn-nnnn.zip is not readable
Submitting test results to Boomi Assure from re-runs is currently not supported.
If you want to submit test results to Boomi Assure, please follow the guidelines in this documentation: