Process (& Component) URL Submission for Support

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How do I submit a process or component URL for testing?

Step 1: Double-click on the Process (or Component) within the Component Explorer to open it within Boomi Atomsphere:



Step 2: The URL for that Process (or Component) will then automatically be displayed in the Address Bar of the browser:


Step 3: Copy this URL and Paste it in a local text file for easy reference.  You can then include it within your case submission or when you wish to send it to the support team for testing.


Note:  As a best practice, be sure that no other non-related tabs are showing that may refer to other non-related processes or components.  This will affect the URL displayed and provide an unnecessary extended URL address:


Notice the URL generated when ONLY the process component tab is displayed:



Notice the URL listed when other component tabs are displayed.  Even though the Process component tab is selected, it also contains references to the other component tabs opened, which change the overall URL.  Close these other non-related tabs so that only the desired tab remains:


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