Schedule a Process to Execute at the End of Each Quarter or Month

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     What is the best way to schedule a Process to execute at the end of every quarter or month, and accommodate for leap years and certain months having different ending dates?

     It may make most sense to configure the schedule to execute at the very beginning of each subsequent quarter or month.  That way, you won’t need to worry about months having different number of days or accounting for leap years. For example, instead of scheduling the process to execute at the end of Q1 (which ends at midnight on March 31), simply schedule the process to execute at 12:01 AM the very next day (April 1) of the following quarter.

Within the Scheduling pane, select Add.  Then, enter/select the following configuration details:

Type: Advanced
     Minutes: 1
     Hours: 0
     Days of Week: *
     Days of Month: 1
     Months: 4,7,10,1
     Years: *

     Note: To configure the schedule to execute monthly instead of quarterly, simply set Months value to "*".

     Click OK:


     The process is now ready to be executed with the set schedule.

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