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A linux atom will not start after executing the "atom start" command per the guidance at this link:
You have verified that the atom is not still running (the atom process has been killed)
and executing the atom status command returns “the daemon is stopped.”

1. Double check prerequisites: Check to ensure the steps in the atom installation checklist for linux at this link were followed on installation and have not been changed:

2. Verify Java: Type the following at a command prompt:
> which java
Verify the java installation is still correct and meets the installation requirements at this link:

2. Verify Clock: Make sure the Atom's server clock is accurate for the atom server's timezone

3. Verify Display setting: Type the following at a command prompt:
> “echo $DISPLAY”
If the results are not blank, you may need to unset the display variable. To do so, type the following at a command prompt:
> unset DISPLAY
You can also configure the atom to run in headless mode. To run in headless mode, the following line needs to be added to the atom.vmoptions file in the bin/ folder under the atom installation directory:

4. Verify atom lock file: check to see if a file named “atomLock.lck” exists in the bin/ folder. Remove this file by typing the following at a command prompt:
> rm -f atomLock.lck

5. Verify owner: If the atom was previously run as root, or another user, either login as that user or if it needs to run as the current user, make sure the current user is the owner of all directories and files under the atom installation directory. To do this, cd to the folder above the atom installation folder and type the following at a command prompt, where user is substituted with the linux user:
> chown –R user:user *

6. Restart atom: Change directory to the bin/ folder and executing the command:
> atom start
Verify the atom is restarted by typing the following commands:
> atom status
> ps –ef | grep atom

     If this atom is still not running, please refer to AtomSphere -> Support & Community for additional information available via the Reference Guide, Articles, Answers or Support.

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