How to Use an LDAP Connection with Custom Properties File on the Atom Cloud

Document created by paul_pasko Employee on Aug 23, 2012
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     Process is using LDAPS connection with a properties file. But properties file path can not be accessed when the process is run on the atom cloud. An error like this may occur:
     Error Message Get User fails.
     Error Code : queryUser_Error.
     Error Message : access denied ( /.../Boomi_AtomSphere/Boomi_AtomSphere/Atom/Atom-ATOMNAME/conf/ read).
     How can an LDAP connection with a custom properties file be used in a process which executes on the Atom Cloud?
     LDAP can be used in the Atom Cloud with a custom properties file using the following approach.
     Specify the optional custom properties file in the LDAP connection.  Perform the Import of the LDAP Operation using a local atom and select the LDAP connection that uses the custom properties file.  
     Then in the process, write the LDAP properties file to the cloud in one branch and then reference it in another. To do this, you can write/read from a “work” directory. Here are example steps:
     1. Add a branch with 2 paths after a Start shape
     2. On branch 1, add a message shape and copy/paste your file contents as the Message.
     3. On branch 1, add a Set Properties shape and set the Disk –File Name property equal to static value ‘’
     4. On branch 1, add a Disk Connector with Action = Send. Specify work/ as the Directory and in the Operation, change the File Naming Options to 'Overwrite if File exists'.
     5. On branch 2, move the LDAP connector to branch 2 and in the LDAP Connection, specify the LDAP properties file to be: work/
     Deploy the process to the Atom Cloud and verify successful operation.
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