Restore a process to it's deployed state

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Modifications to process are not working as expected.  Need to restore to the baseline version that was deployed.
If you have revision history enabled, go to the deploy tab, locate the process and click on it. Then click on the gear icon and select compare deployment.


(use the defaults that appear and click next)

the deployed version will be in the "Selected Revision column", and the current build will be in the "Compare To Revision" column. This will show you what the differences are between the deployed version and the version that currently exists. (Make note of the Revision numbers associated with the "Selected Revision" where there are differences. Exit the 'Compare Process Deployments' screen by clicking 'Cancel':


Go to the build tab, open the process and then click on "Revision History" in the lower right hand corner. Find the version of the main process that corresponds to the version indicated in the differences screen, open it by clicking in the pencil icon.


It will open with the following warning across the top in yellow, "This view corresponds to revision 'nn' of the component which is not the latest revision. Saving this component will overwrite all information in the latest revision. Any component references will be to the latest revision of those components." Close the version that you opened originally, and then click the "Save" Button. This will revert the main process to the version that is currently deployed.


You must do the same thing with any other component in the process that shows as changed, connectors, maps, profiles, etc, as they will NOT revert to their earlier versions automatically.


You must keep track of what you do, because as you save the earlier versions of the process and other related components, they will be given NEW revision numbers.
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