Check for Molecule and Cloud Errors in Node Files

Document created by Terese_Baker Employee on Apr 22, 2014
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Suggestions for troubleshooting in molecule and cloud atom logs and node files.
Please note, container logs and atom logs are referring to the same log file - the terms are synonymous.
When downloading atom logs from Manage - Atom Management - Atom Properties - Download Atom Log, always select the "Include bin logs" and "Include config" options.
The views folder will be included within what is downloaded if the "Include bin logs" checkbox is selected.
The views folder contains node.111_222_333_444.dat and node.111_222_333_444.dat.tmp files - one set of files for each node in the molecule or cloud configuration. Each file is named by the IP addresses for the molecule or cloud configuration.
Each node container log should be searched for errors and warnings.
Node container logs are named using the date, the word container and the ip address, i.e. 2014_04_22.container.99_888_777_55.
When the container logs are downloaded, there will also be one http_server_log per node, if http server connections are utilized in the molecule or cloud.
HTTP server logs are named using the date, the words shared_http_server and the ip address, i.e. 2014_04_22.shared_http_server.99_888_777_55.
If only one container log is present and it is named according to an IP address in the molecule or cloud it is likely the other node(s) have shutdown either as as result of a molecule issue or intentionally.
Search for "SNAPSHOT" in an atom log. This will find many occurrences of the word, however, this will lead you to key information in the file also.
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