Could not create process execution directories Caused by: directory is not readable.

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Processes running on a local atom, molecule or cloud generate the following error:

"Could not create process execution directories; Caused by: directory is not readable."

The stack trace may look something like:

May 13, 2014 10:57:46 AM EDT SEVERE [com.boomi.process.ProcessExecution handleProcessFailure] Unexpected error executing process: com.boomi.execution.ExecutionException: Could not create process execution directories
com.boomi.execution.ExecutionException: Could not create process execution directories
at com.boomi.execution.ExecutionManager.createExecution(
at com.boomi.execution.ExecutionManager.createNestedExecution(
at com.boomi.process.shape.ProcessCallShape.executeSubProcess(
at com.boomi.process.shape.ProcessCallShape.executePassthroughSubProcess(
at com.boomi.process.shape.ProcessCallShape.execute(
at com.boomi.process.graph.ProcessShape.executeShape(
at com.boomi.process.graph.ProcessGraph.executeShape(
at com.boomi.process.graph.ProcessGraph.executeNextShapes(
at com.boomi.process.graph.ProcessGraph.execute(
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(Unknown Source)
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ Source)
at Source)
Caused by: directory \\mymachine\molecule\execution\history\2014.05.13\execution-XXXXXXXX-2014.05.13 is not readable
at com.boomi.util.FileUtil.ensureDir(
at com.boomi.execution.ExecutionManager.createTaskDirectories(
at com.boomi.execution.ExecutionManager.createExecution(
... 15 more
Verify the folder <Atom Install>/execution/history/<Date>/ to see if the number of subdirectories has reached or will exceed 31,999.  This is the maximum number of subdirectories allowed for an ext3 filesystem. 

A temporary work around is to rename the directory. 

Try changing the process execution directory structure by increasing the default execution directory nest level per the guidance at these links:
Restart the atom, molecule or cloud after making the changes at the above link.

If issues persist after making the above changes, a longer term solution (problem-solving techniques) would be to:
  •           review your processes to see if they are creating an excessive number of execution history subdirectories
  •           distribute your processes across multiple atoms
  •           review your process schedules to see if they can be modified to run less frequently
  •           upgrading your file system to a version that does not have the 32K subdirectory limit
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