Restart a molecule or cloud

Document created by Terese_Baker Employee on Jun 30, 2014
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Steps for restarting a molecule or cloud.
To restart a molecule or cloud:
  •           Check the “Force Restart After X Minutes” value setting, this setting can be found by selecting the Cloud Properties link from Manage – Atom Properties for the appropriate atom/molecule/cloud. The following link provides information for these settings.
  •           Attempt to restart the atom/molecule/cloud.  We recommend stopping all the nodes, waiting 5 minutes and then start each node one at a time. 
  •           Check the node View files to diagnose/confirm if the nodes are communicating again. Check the molecule status per the instructions at this link:           
    •                     Review the contents of the <installation_directory>\bin\views directory.
    •                     If one node is healthy, determine if the molecule can be sustained in this state.
  •           If the attempts to restart the atom/molecule/cloud are unsuccessful, please create a support case on the Customer Support Portal and attach the container log from the <atom installation folder>/logs folder as well as the contents of the <installation_directory>\bin\views folder to the case.  We will need these files at a minimum in order to diagnose the issue.           
    •                     Attempt to reboot the servers hosting atom/molecule/cloud nodes and then try the step above again.
    •                     If communications issues are still occurring, attempt to refresh any proxy servers if they are configured for the atom/molecule/cloud.