Why Does My Connector List in the Licensing Tab include Connectors that have been Deleted?

Document created by Terese_Baker Employee on Aug 22, 2014
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The Licensing tab lists connectors that are deployed, by class.
How can I figure out where a deleted connector is used so I can correct the situation? I cannot find the connector name in the Build tab.
If you notice a deleted connector listed in the Licensing tab:
  •           Select the connector on the left side of the screen and note the process name(s) from the listing on the right side of the screen.
  •           From the Deploy tab, select the appropriate process names and use the gear icon to select Compare Process Deployments for the most recent deployment of this process.
  •           Click on Next to view the comparison of the latest deployment to the Latest Revision of the Process.
  •           Highlighted in orange you will see the component(s) that have been deleted since this process was last deployed. One of the orange highlighted components will be the connector from the Licensing tab.
What does this mean?
While the connector is not being used in the latest revision of the process in the Build tab, it is part of the latest revision of the process that is deployed. Connector licensing is determined by connectors that are deployed, by class.
How do I fix this?
The deployed process is using a connector that has been deleted from the Build tab. First, determine if the connector was appropriately deleted. That is, what connector should be used in place of the deleted connector? Then, once it has been verified that the latest revision of the process is ready to be deployed, deploy the process by clicking on "Deploy Latest Revision of Process".
The Licensing tab should no longer list this process for the deleted connector and the appropriate Atom Name once the process has been re-deployed.

The connector deleted from the Build tab can be viewed and restored by doing the following:
  •           The deleted connector can be viewed in the Build tab by using the Internal ID listed in the Licensing tab
  •           Typing “id:<Internal ID>” in the Component Explorer box in the Build tab and press enter.  [Please note that the Internal ID on the Licensing tab and the Component ID are synonymous.]
  •           Saving the component will restore the component in the Build tab.
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